Who We Are

MOPGEL is a 501 © (3)  non-profit organization working with communities, women, children, people with disabilities as well as men in Liberia, West Africa to overcome poverty, access education, skills/vocational training, medical health care, etc. 501(c)(3) Letter
MOPGEL establishment is aimed to address a number of issues in Liberia that denied the girl child, women and those with disabilities access to education,  training, ETC.  MOPGEL believes discrimination prevents these groups the ability to improve livelihoods, literacy and above all, to make a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

Target Audience
The primary constituency of MOPGEL is the rural Communities. However, realized the illiteracy and the literacy gap between rural and urban areas, this organization would work in both Communities for the empowerment of individuals.

Objectives and Activities  

  • Promote gender equality through the length and breath of Liberia.
  • Advocate for equal employment opportunities for all and work against discrimination in all forms.
  • Undertake sustained education and awareness on gender issues.
  • Establish and manage Education, medical health care and Vocational training centers throughout the fifteen political sub-divisions of the country.
  • Campaign for cleaner and healthier Environment and conserve the Environment.
  • Publish a human rights newspaper and train target beneficiaries in media skills in order to propagate their course.
  • Conduct research, monitor and publicize issues of inequality and injustices in Liberia for adequate public awareness and action.
  • Undertake dynamic activities (seminars, workshops, and educational programs) aimed at discouraging discrimination.
  • Establish a printing plant for the printing of literature and other publications/materials intended to spread messages of gender equality, peace, etc.
  • Conduct skills training programs for war affected women, youth, men and the vulnerable.
  • Discouraged gender base violence (GBV) and promote the child’s rights and protection through awareness and advocacy and to encourage girl child education.
  • Work to support the aims and objectives of existing human rights organizations.
  • Advocacy for the less privilege youth in the society, for people who have a high rate of poverty, for the widows, and for the betterment of the country.
  • Organize programs and activities that promote tolerance, national unity, and harmony between and amongst Liberian ethic groups, political parties, social organizations and religious institutions in all regions throughout the country.
  • Engage in the planning, designing and implementation of peace conferences, workshops, symposium, and other peace-building and peace-sustainable forum across the length and breath of Liberia for the purposes of discussing, preventing, and providing remedies to conflict situations through recommendations to the government, etc.