Our Advocacy/Media  program is the tough central part of our founder column early published in one of Liberia’s dallies, which was aimed to propagate the situation of women, girls and others people in difficulties and poverty.

MOPGEL believes nonprofits, are incredible organizations that support a variety of different causes or projects in the hope to make an impact in a community to effect a change. Those organizations tell meaningful stories to inspire others to support their causes. Photos have the power to tell stories, this concept which started as a column, was transformed to the establishment of the organization MOPGEL. In this modern age, visual storytelling using photos to tell a story is a powerful tools for nonprofits to increase engagement with their audience.

Our Advocacy/Media program will therefore train women, girls, children photography and writing skills so that they’ll be represent themselves and tell their own stories. Our media program will publish a Human Rights newspaper styled, “The Advocacy Lens“, print and online. The goal is for women and young to propagate environmental, human rights and other issues affecting them and their communities. Phase one of our initiative will recruit and train twenty women and girls in writing skills and photography to first bridge the gap in the Liberian Media, where women are underrepresented in the photo departments of local dailies. second, empower themselves to use digital media to create change within themselves and their communities.