Disabled department:

Welcome to the Disabled department of MOPGEL

In Liberia, people with disabilities are looked down upon and discriminated in every forms. Once you are a disabled, people considered you useless, worthless, and above all, you're seeing as liability to society. Sadly, most parents abandoned their disable children, while most families don't allow their disabled relatives in their homes. No educational facilities for persons with disabilities and even those who strive and graduated college, find it difficult to get employment in the public and private sector. Persons with disabilities who are by chance employed are under pay because employers feel that they're doing them a favour. Given the discrimination person with disabilities facing in Liberia, schools, businesses , and government facilities are not disabled friendly, no ramps, primarily stairs ways. Persons with disabilities are confined at homes given that public buses and taxi drivers are not willing to allow disabled people access their vehicles. Given the mindset about people with disabilities, ninety eight percent (98%) of landlords are not willing to offer you a place. Disabled people are not respected in Liberia, they're are abused and faced with rejection as part of their daily lives. As I take over as the coordinator of the Disabled department of MOPGEL, I am pleased to say we're keen to working with local and international organizations to help people with disabilities in Liberia overcome their situations.