What We Do

MOPGEL is aimed to promote gender equality in Liberia. We agreed with other advocates that gender equality is realized when women, men, girls and boys enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society. These rights include but are not limited to education, vocational training, economic participation, decision-making, right to good housing, etc..
Gender equality however; does not suggest that women and men are equal, but that they have equal value and should be accorded equal treatments.

Thus; MOPGEL is working with partners to support individuals, families and communities to overcome poverty. To achieve our objectives, we will:

1.Build schools with equipped vocational training centers
2. Build Medical health clinics
3. Train women and men farmers and setting up school farms)
4. Media / Advocacy Programs (establish Human Rights Newspaper, Television and train target beneficiaries to tell their own stories and the communities they represent etc..)
5. Environmental Human Rights

Children Empowerment

Gender Equality

Women Empowerment


Disabled Empowerment

Disaster Management

Economic Development

Water Sanitation